Jazz Charter’s hen’s and buck’s party cruises

Hen & buck parties on the Jazz IV

Jazz Charters provides specialist cruise packages for a buck’s or hen’s party cruise. Celebrate your friend’s milestones with a party on the water. It’s their last time out as a single person and Jazz Charters will be sure to make it a night to remember.

Many groups are forgoing the pub crawl ritual for hen’s and buck’s parties and instead are turning to the more intimate but no less fun party cruise option. We can accommodate up to 55 people and offer on-board showers and toilets for added convenience.

It is a fun and safe option for those who want to engage in a bit of revelry without putting the bride or groom in any danger before the big day. Jazz Charters has everything you need for the night, from an on-board BBQ and state-of-the-art sound systems (with DJ facilities), to organising more exotic entertainment if required.

A beautiful setting out at sea or on the river, great food, good music and some wild entertainment will make this a special night out – one no one will forget.

Our team at Jazz Charters can help you structure your hen’s or buck’s event. Talk to one of our friendly staff members for advice or pop round and see Perth’s best party boat up close.

Call (08) 9403 4296 to organise your buck or hen’s party.